The General Counsel Emea has warned top technology companies they should be doing more to protect themselves from cyber security risks.

Kilmov a Russian native previously incharge of the technology side of the business has unique insight for all legal cyber security issues. Since taking over as head solicitor of emea he has managed to cut legal spending by over 30%.

Kilmov things the way forward is being pro-active rather than re-active. As a business that stores other businesses information it is key they have top notch security and make sure everything is running smoothly. He has made sure that it is the highest priority for the company to protect this private information as best as possible. It is no longer about setting up a one time security measure but about constantly assessing the situation. It is about setting up as many layers as possible to stop any form of hacking or cyber-attacks.

These firms need to be at the fore front of this technology, not only to protect their clients but to avoid any possible legal issues. They also need to be able to advise their clients about risks and where the attacks can happen.